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company news about Advantages and Disadvantages of Brushless Motors and Brushed Motors

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Company News
Advantages and Disadvantages of Brushless Motors and Brushed Motors
Latest company news about Advantages and Disadvantages of Brushless Motors and Brushed Motors

I. Advantages of brushless motor
1、Brushless and low interference
Without the brush, the most marked change is that there is no electric spark generated when the brushed motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks on remote control radio equipment.

2. Low noise and smooth operation

Without the brush, the friction force is greatly reduced during operation, so the operation is smooth, and the noise will be much lower. This advantage is a huge support for the stability of the model operation.

3. Long life and low maintenance cost

Without the brush, the wear of the brushless motor is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical point of view, the brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor. When necessary, only some dust removal maintenance is required.

II. Disadvantages of brushless motors

1. There is slight vibration when starting at low speed. If the speed increases and the commutation frequency increases, the vibration will not be felt.

2. The price is higher and high requirements for the controller.

3. It is easy to form resonance, because everything has a natural vibration frequency. If the vibration frequency of the brushless motor is the same or close to the vibration frequency of the frame or plastic parts, it is easy to form a resonance, but the resonance can be adjusted to a minimum. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon that electric vehicles driven by brushless motors sometimes make a buzzing sound.

III. Advantages of brushed motors

1. The speed change is smooth, almost no vibration can be felt.

2. Low temperature rise and good reliability.

3. Fast response and large starting torque.

4. Simple structure and high control precision.

5. The price is lower, so it is selected by many manufacturers.

IV. Disadvantages of brushed motors

1. Large friction and large loss

Many people have encountered such a problem when using brushed motors, namely after using the motor for a period of time, it is necessary to open the motor to clean the carbon brushes, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the maintenance is just like a family cleaning.

2. High heat generation and short service life

Due to the structure of the brushed motor, the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator is very large, resulting in a large overall resistance of the motor, which is prone to heat while the permanent magnet is a heat-sensitive element. If the temperature is too high, the magnetic steel will demagnetize, which will cause the decline of motor performance, affecting the lifespan of the brushed motor.

3. Low efficiency and small output power

The overheating problem of the brushed motor is largely due to the fact that the current works on the internal resistance of the motor, so the electric energy is largely converted into heat energy. Therefore, the output power and the efficiency of the brushed motor are both not high.

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