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What is the maximum speed of the gear reducer adapted motor?

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What is the maximum speed of the gear reducer adapted motor?

April 26, 2022

The gear motor is adapted to the maximum input speed of the motor, which is generally controlled below 2000r/min. Excessive speed is a test for bearing oil seal tolerance, and oil leakage may occur for a long time. Let me give you a detailed introduction.

1. Since the rotation support of the gear reducer is mainly supported by the two bearings on it, the increase in the distance between the two bearings can increase the rotation stability and carrying capacity of the gear reducer. A round nut is used to adjust the axial gap between the two bearings, which is convenient and reliable to adjust. It can better ensure the normal operation of the gear reducer;

2. Parametric and rapid modeling of gear reducer transmission. For parts and serialized products with the same or similar shape, a set of parameters can be used to characterize their structural dimensions and attributes. By modifying various parameters of the parts, different parts can be obtained. Specification of parts and components, realize parametric design;

3. For the gear reducer, through parametric modeling, the user only needs to input or modify some basic parameters of the gear (such as the number of teeth, modulus, pressure angle and tooth width of the gear reducer), and the software system can automatically generate The three-dimensional geometric model of a certain type of gear, or the reconstruction of the geometric model to improve design efficiency;

4. The geometric parameters of the gear reducer. Gear name, number of teeth, modulus, tooth width, pressure angle, indexing circle diameter gear, gear parameterized modeling, gear transmission gearbox establishment, cylindrical gear reducer transmission virtual prototype model development integrated modeling, solution, visualization Technology-in-one mechanical system dynamics simulation analysis software can be used to predict mechanical system performance, range of motion, collision monitoring, peak load, and calculation of finite element input loads.


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